Public Works Links

The following external Public Works related links are provided to keep you better informed and safer.

Andrea Anderson
Public Works Coordinator

It is my goal to enhance Pooler’s quality of life by working collaboratively with citizens and the various city departments to provide public works services. Contact me at (912)748-4800 or via email at

Supt. Sanford Elton
Drainage Dept

To provide a comprehensive program for watershed management which includes:  Maintaining the drainage infrastructure. This includes  stormdrains, canals, ditches, catch basins and overseeing new drainage systems. Contact me at (912)748-4800 or via email at
Public Works Director Matt Saxon

Our goal is to to enhance the quality of life in Pooler by providing safe, efficient, and effective  programs for the management of storm water, vegetation, facilities, and  transportation in an environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Please feel free to contact me at (912)748-4800 or via email

Supt. John Winn
Waste Water & Sewer

Our wastewater management program mission consists of the collection and treatment of wastewater to State and Federal Standards.  Contact me at

Supt. Ralph Wright
Park and Trees

To provide the citizens within our community professional and efficient emergency services by protecting the lives, property, and environment that we have sworn to serve.
Supt. Mark Williams
Water Dept

It is our commitment to provide the finest drinking water possible and deliver superior service to our customers at a reasonable cost.  Our water quality is documented in an annual report which is available.  Contact me at

Supt. Shawn McNelly
Streets & Sanitation

The Street Dept is responsible for all activities related to street maintenance including street repair, sidewalk repair, traffic painting, sign maintenance and right-of-way maintenance. Contact me at (912)748-4800 or via email at

All utility payments are due by 5:00 pm on the 15th of the month. Payment deposited in payment box after 5:00 pm will be credited the following business day. Failure to receive bills shall not prevent such bill from becoming delinquent. Past due amounts past 30 days of original due date will result in disconnection of services without additional notice.  Disconnection of water service will be  conducted on the third business day following the due date. A $50.00  reconnection fee will be assessed and due before service is restored.